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More informations

Grapes: Nebbiolo.
Location: Comune di Neive.
Cru: Fausoni.
Orientation: sud/ovest.
Age of Vineyard: 45 anni.
Size of Vineyard: 1.50 ha.
Average production: 4800.
Yield: 40

The vineyard

As it is clearly evident in any map of Barbaresco region, Fausoni is just located outside the town of Neive; consequently, the wine is a fine balance of elegance, bouquet and concentration, typical characteristics of this area.

The vinification

The fermentation and the maceration on the skins normally takes about 25 days. No selected yeasts are used. The malolactical fermentation happens naturally in French barrels coopered expressively for us by Francois Frères in Burgundy. The wine stays in these barrels for approximately 24 months, half of this time on its lees. 15% of the barrels used for aging this wine are new, the remaining 85% have previously been used up to 4 times. There is no filtering and no fining prior to bottling.