Wine Enthusiast – Top 100 cellar selections 2016


Il nostro Barbaresco 2010 Riserva è al 25esimo posto nella classifica dei migliori 100 vini del mondo! (Wine Enthusiast, Dicembre 2016)


Top 100 cellar selections 2016

The best bottles to lay down now

Aristotle was almost certainly talking about wine when he wrote, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” While cellaring wine may, at times, feel like an agonizing guessing game, when you finally do open that cherished bottle at its optimal drinking age, it’s nirvana. Or close to it.
The reward of a well-aged wine erases any doubt or anxiety that came with its maturation, and the thrill of the experience can become surprisingly addictive.
If only it were easier to know those optimal aging windows.
Our Top 100 Cellar Selections list takes the guesswork out of sitting on your hands. Culled from the nearly 1,000 wines reviewed throughout the past year that were designated Cellar Selections by our tasting panel, this lineup will guide you when undertaking the tricky yet gratifying task of starting a cellar, or just help you expand your existing collection.
This year’s list includes a range from classic Italian reds and Bordeaux-style blends to elegant Rieslings, nervy Chardonnays, and just about every grape variety and style in between.
We try to include something for everyone, no matter the budget. While many of the selections on this list are not inexpensive, more than half are less than $100 and a quarter come in at under $50.
All of these beauties are projected to mature and evolve well through the next five, 10, 15, even 20 years…if you can stand the wait. Happy cellaring!